Why Use Neem Leaves? Check The Quality And Benefits

Neem LeavesNeem
Medicinal plants whose branches, leaves, juice, everything takes work. Neem is a multi-annual and evergreen trees. Today cosmetics are made from neem leaves. Neem juice is very effective as destructive worms. It’s wood is very strong. The wood does not hold any termite. Don’t insect nests. Don’t eat termites. For this reason, neem wood furniture is being made nowadays. Since ancient times, the wood is being used to make musical instruments.

Medicinal benefits:

• Malaria
Malaria’s time the use of neem leaf extract is alleviated. Neem leaf extract mixed with water or alcohol use, found similar results.

• Stress and turmoil
Eating a small amount of neem leaf extract can reduce stress and emotional turmoil.

• Birth Control
Neem both male and female birth control (Agent) to act as. Neem oil, cotton soaked in sexual intercourse before sexual organs of female sperm die down for 15 minutes. Neem Leaf tablets are used as a birth control pill for men. pregnancy is not happened if every day a handful of neem leaves eat. Neem oil is not falling pregnant wife if Male takes 6 weeks.

An extract derived from the bark of the neem tree is able to kill the AIDS virus. The thick leaves of neem leaves or neem leaf tea extract or AIDS relief.

• Ulcers-
Neem leaves reduce the ulcers.

• Acne
When the layer of crushed neem leaves mixed with honey can cure acne.

• Jaundice
25-30 drops of neem leaf juice mixed with a little honey to cure jaundice is eating in the morning on an empty stomach.

• Diabetes
Neem leaf extract 1 tablespoon per day on an empty stomach in the morning, take 3 months to cure diabetes. 10 neem leaves powder or chew the morning if diabetes is well. Neem leaf extract decreased the insulin plays another 30-70%.

• Pox
mixed neem leaves with turmeric raw appear in the pox dries up the pieces quickly.
• Night blindness
Eating fried neem flowers, night blindness was relieved.
• Eye pain
Neem leaves little dry grind together the ginger and sea salt in a clean thin cloth and put a little heat by swelling and pain in the eyes, the eyes can be cured.
• headache
Neem oil can reduce the headache.
• Cancer
Neem oil, an extract of the bark and leaves using a cancer tumor, skin cancer, etc. are good.
• Lice
Neem flowers paste applied head lice die.
• Heart Disease
Neem leaf extract can be benefit cardiac. It’s extract reduces blood pressure and colestarol. Thin blood, reduce heartbeat.
• Vomiting
If you come up with neem leaf extract 5-6 drops of milk consumption was relieved.
• Scabies and old wounds
With a little crushed neem leaves with turmeric coating the affected area in the form of scabies and the use of 7-10 days old wound is healing. Apply neem with ghee, fry wounds are healing wounds very quickly.
• Dental care
Neem young peas are good for teeth. Neem powder good for and teeth gum. Neem leaf extract mixed with water or washed with a face gently against dentists, dental decay, gum bleeding and reduce pain.
•Worm Reduction
3-4 grams of powdered neem bark in the morning on an empty stomach with a small amount of sea salt to be taken to protect the worms infestation is found. One week will be taken on a regular basis. Children: 1 gram doses can be taken.
• clean the blood and skin diseases
10 grams of fresh neem leaves is to boil a cup of water one (1) cup of sugar mixed need to have a strain. It will be taken on a regular basis: 1 month in a 3 times of day.