Migraine: Problems And Remedies

It is a different kind of headache. The disease is seen more among women. The disease might be a male.

Why is this Disease:
• Due to variations in blood circulation inside the head of this disease. Sudden loss of blood flow to the eye can be seen in the dark, and the sudden increase in blood circulation to create the feeling of a violent headache.
• Chocolate, cheese, bread, coffee, etc. birth control pill, worries, excessive travel, exercise, etc. may be due to the introduction of the disease.

Common migraine:
• Headache, nausea main symptoms of this disease.
• However, excessive yawning, with no attention in the work, to be angry before the start of symptoms like headache may be.
• Any part of the head is the pain. Later spread to the whole head. Pain behind the eyes, blocks can be made. If you feel comfortable on the eye pressure is light.
• The side of the head above the ear and the hair ring when pressure is good.
• The sound and light well. Sometimes excessive noise and light can increase headache.

Classical migraine:
• vision problems such as the eyes, the eyes of the bright light, feeling suddenly become dark, eyes narrowing of the boundaries of any one side or the symptoms may disappear etc. 20 minutes after the symptoms of vomiting, nausea and headache, which usually starts as one side.
• Vision problems lasting more than 1 hour will take over when it is not migraine. Due to problems in the brain or the eyes of the other eye may increase the problem.
• Classical migraine headache without only visual or vision problems may be signs.
What to do:
• Those who have the disease, they at least 8 hours of sleep per day is required.
• Do not work excessive or less light.
• Harsh sunlight or extreme cold should be avoided.

• Do not long remain in your voice been loud and noisy environments.
• Over the monitor and the computer does not lie in front of the TV.
• migraine may start the diet the foods such as coffee, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, wine, etc., should be restricted.
• More time should not be fasting.
• Labor, psychological stress and long travel through the exclusion of migraine attacks can be reduced to a great
• If possible do not take the birth control pill. Another method is to choose the best, if necessary.
Some food prevented migraine problems:
• Magnesium-rich foods, such as rice, and the rice threshing floor trimmed different terms, potatoes and barley resistant migraine.
• Various fruits, especially dates and figs to relieve pain.
• Green, yellow and orange vegetables are good to eat on a regular basis.
• Water, Herbal tea. You can choose of herbal green tea.
• Calcium and vitamin D helps prevent migraine. Sesame seeds, and a bit of flour, etc. There are lots of calcium.
• Pieces of ginger powder with water or juice mixed jincara can eat two times a day.

• Repeated migraine attacks to decreased effect of drugs.
• When the headaches is started take aspirin types effective drugs. To minimize nausea or vomit uses drugs may be cure.
Sufficient rest and psychological pressure through control of the disease in many cases be possible to survive repeated attacks. Remember, not all migraine headache, low vision, brain tumor headache may be caused by bleeding in the head, the eye doctor neuropathy, as well as expert advice from a doctor is required. So, take care the every body of the part and stay healty.