How To Protect Your Lips

LipsThe frost winds, struck a few days after the winter, when the smoke lifted and rightly fun to eat cake. But without the constraints placed warm cake bites! Lips are burst. Instead, in the winter to protect lip to be started. Choose any of the colors at the flushed lips, too, experts say. The lack of water, moisture in the body, lips because of weather and dry. Once the lips and the lips blow up in asperities began. How to take care and keep fresh tender lips -follow some rules.

Lip Balm lip moisture or petroleum jelly can be used. After the burst, not only lips, but it is already starting to be used, then the lips will not be afraid. When dry lips, tongues and lips were wet, it can not be done at all. Lip Balm can be with all the time. Lip Balm with SPF 15, available to buy on the market. It protects the lips from the sun’s heat.

Equal one day a week, petroleum jelly and honey mixed with on the lips and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Then gently remove with a clean cotton, it will be soft lips. Sesame oil can be used to keep lips soft. It’s the Equal of glycerin and olive oil mixed together apply on your lips will be moisturizer.
Those tendency have extra lips burst they can try rice powder mixed with a little water for 15 to 20 minutes, the mixture is to put it on the lips. The die lip skins will come easily.

It may be extra cold, dark lips, a lot of time. extra tea, coffee, drinking, and smoking also may be black lips.

Natural pink lip color and a whole bunch of ways to maintain
*Honey mixed with rose petal for 20 minutes put it on your lips. the lips will appear pink coloring.
*Raw cotton soaked in milk for 10 to 15 minutes, rub.
*Almond oil to prevent black lip coloring is quite beneficial.
*At this time there is less moisture in the air, because the lip skin dry and rough hands and feet can be. If this time out, use or cream-lipgel for lips. At the time, however, the incidence of dust, sand, gel-types cosmetics increased more dust may be stuck. So, comes from outside then proper clean the lips and then again keep moisture types cosmetics.
*In this time people should eat or drinks soup, water or fresh fruits juice.
What color you can choose this time

Lipstick colors are very high for a long time to come, lately has been more than a little upset dark shade of color. Dark purple, berry color, brick red, coffee, berry color is now. The omabre is now popular style of lipstick. Lip around the middle part of the same color by using bold colors and shades of lipstick given relatively light omabre style. It would be nice to see the two colors mixed feel very good.

Matte lipstick in lips feel dry this season may be more. Therefore, before applying lipstick on lips moist with petroleum jelly and feel can soft. But the weather or worms glossy lipstick is applied. Cotton through olive oil put the lipstick came from outside, make sure they are up to. lip skin are sensitive, so it should not rub out hard just slowly remove well.
Use lipstick before expiration date will have to see. Lip Balm can be kept in the bag all the time, Chap Stick or Vaseline. It can be used some time later. Lip Balm or chap stick should be SPF 15 with Vitamin E, Aloe and glycerin to keep a watch is.