Check The Deadly Disease, The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian CancerOvarian cancer is a deadly disease of women’s reproductive system. Death rates is from the disease. You may have heard about ovarian cancer is a disease in which the “silent killer”. But this disease is often some of the symptoms. Unfortunately, this coincides with the symptoms of cancer and the other doctors and the ones rejected. American Cancer Society, Society of Gynecologic Oncologists and the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation according to- the ovarian cancer is warning signs that expressed protection if you know it is easy to take quick action. Let us know if there are signs of that.

1. Flatulence
So eating too much stomach was leavened. But those who have ovarian cancer have a daily flatulence. For two weeks, and suffered flatulence gas relief pills if conditions are not good, then seek medical attention.

2. Waist or stomach pain
In addition to flatulence may have waist pain. In addition, there is pain in the pelvic area during the period then it could be a sign of ovarian cancer before. Note that chronic back pain is not a good sign. So talk to your doctor for treatment.

3. Feeding problems or soon to be filled
If you eat a little before the end of the stomach after eating or feeling full, and it is frequently the case that your doctor said. The appetite is not as full stomach. Gastro disease intestainal sometimes it seems to be the wrong way. The doctor changed the diagnosis in such situations need to be a better way.

4. Urinary warning
If your urine less frequently, but if you need to leave the water immediately and contact your doctor. Urine infection with symptoms similar to that in many cases the wrong treatment. If the problem is persists, a urine infection after taking antibiotics, talk to your doctor.
When one of these signs or symptoms is in ovarian cancer can not say more. If these signs are for a period of one month or more if some call gynecologist tested to be sure.

5. Suddenly weight loss:
Early symptoms of ovarian cancer is one of the weight loss suddenly. Without any kind of diet or physical effort of about 10 or more pounds of weight loss is not going to be happy. Get immediate medical attention.

6. Bleeding from the genitals
Period or any other injury except to say that the reason for any signs of ovarian cancer bleeding is from the genitals. Also boil genital pain, change in skin color and thick discharge, the problem is not too late to make quick doctor.
In addition to the above symptoms are also common symptoms of ovarian cancer in some cases, such as
• Fatigue
• Indigestion and gastritis is
• Constipation
• back pain
•Irregular periods
• Painful intercourse
•Although ovarian cancer can not bear children imitate.
Although the specific cause is unknown, some risk are ovarian cancer are:
• Family history
• BRCA1 or BRCA2 may be linked to genetic changes
• Breast, Uterine or personal history of colon cancer
• With increasing age increases the risk of ovarian cancer
If you have these symptoms or other risk factors that you do not have ovarian cancer. Although these symptoms are not people should tested well.

Depending on how much the cancer has spread to the treatment of ovarian cancer. In most cases, surgery is the removal of the tumor. Tumors are treated by radiation. For the destruction of cancer cells and chemotherapy is applied.

This is known as the silent killer, ovarian cancer disease. Because symptoms are this deadly disease is not easily seen. Women seem to have been a part of normal life, these kinds of symptoms of cancer. Therefore, women should know the symptoms of this cancer is very important, in order to catch the early stage of this silent killer.